First things first

So the first thing I should say about this blog is that my mother can never find it. It will most likely fill up with lots of opinions that could get me disowned, such as the fact that I don’t believe you have to be enthusiastic about your cousins’ weddings or that I find no beauty in childbirth.

It is always hard to be able to voice your true opinions without the fear of being tracked down by an angry mob of mothers because you said that the love you have for your cat can be as strong as that you have with your delinquent offspring, which at the age of 3 still has to soil diapers when your 6 week old kitten taught itself to use a litter box. However, I will try to write what I will and if you don’t like it then that is fine, just don’t expect me not to mock any ridiculous notions about massaging kale.


Disclaimer: the following posts will be riddled with errors. Should you take issue I shall refer you to the nether regions of the rat.


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