Ranting & Relationships

I have been pondering how I am going to approach this writing thing and I brought it up with a friend who also writes. His response was “you can be right and be an asshole at the same time”. I want to be able to write freely and express my opinions as they come to me but it is a fine line when you have to keep people happy. For example, I would like to voice my opinion on family weddings openly but then I am trapped by the fear that my mother reads it. It is all quite honest and written in my tone and style but I don’t want to be disowned because I called my cousin’s wedding boring.

I want to be honest and I am going to do my best as such but I will have to accept that there are moments where I have to choose which is more important to me. Right now it is the freedom to express my reality.

As Jacques said: “the bard once said: You live, you learn.”

If you are into games and gaming and all of role-playing then check out nerdverse.co.za where you will get more wise musing from the gameophile mentioned above.


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