It’s all about me

Emma of the House Pomeranian, first of her name, the eternally cold, terror of managers, dropper of things, maker of tea, and mother of kittens.

Items of interest:

  • I am only an amateur cat lady with 2 fur-children: Oliver and Clementine. Oliver likes to shower and will tap you continuously until you relent and pet him. Clementine is tiny and runs like an iguana (according to my boyfriend).
  • I had a dream once where I had a threesome with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston – ultimate nerd lady-wood fantasy – and it was glorious. #truestory.
  • Things I hate include small children in shopping malls at Christmas, touching my feet and wedding blogs. Especially wedding blogs.
  • Dwight Shrute (the American Office), Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation) and Cole Aaronson (Scrubs Interns) are three of the greatest characters ever written for TV. I feel you should know that.
  • Sometimes I wish I could have selective amnesia so that I could re-watch the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings movies again. The selective part is important, ain’t nobody want to be watching Episodes I-III again.
  • Apparently death metal and doom metal are two different things.
  • Q of Impractical Jokers is my spirit animal.

Finally, my dream for the future is to live in a world without wires that makes my vacuuming easier.

“All I do is sit at the typewriter and start hitting the keys. Getting them in the right order – that’s the trick. That’s the trick.”

– Garth Marenghi